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The Importance of pH Balance In Your Body

The human body is designed to maintain a balanced pH level in our body (fluids, tissues, and systems).

The biochemical reactions are essential to life and take place in an aqueous environment. Fluids must be maintained within a narrow pH range of 7.35 to 7.45 so our body’s immune system operates at an optimal level and is able to fight of illness and disease.

“Potential Hydrogen” is the acronym for pH. You can have direct control of your pH level by deciding what you put in your mouth. Our bodies live and die at the cellular level. The first line of defense against disease is a proper pH balance.

Cancer always appears in an over-acidic body. An acidic state causes lack of oxygenation at the cellular level which is when the pH level falls below 7.4 causing less than the maximum oxygen in the blood.

Do you suffer from frequent aches and pains, aging faster than friends who are the same age?

Do you suffer from skin allergies such as eczema, hives, and/or rashes?

Do you suffer from excessive hair loss with skin that feels dry and dehydrated?

If the answer is yes to one of the statements above, you might want to consider checking your pH level and making changes to your diet today.