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Diabetes Prevention Institute Mission

Our mission is to address the diabetes and Obesity epidemic.

We will accomplish this by hosting our Prevention & Wellness Open House (PWOH) in corporations, clinics, fitness centers and churches.

At these events we will:

  1. Offer certain wellness tests and assessments
  2. Show a 10 minute video presentation, and
  3. Have all those in attendance consult with a specially trained healthcare practitioner

The practitioner who consults all those in attendance will have a special expertise in nutrition and functional medicine. During the consultation, people are shown the likelihood of them being diabetic, pre-diabetic, obese and overweight. Furthermore, the other assessments that were performed will also be reviewed to determine how many other unhealthy wellness markers exist. Suggestions and steps needed to address certain conditions from advancing further will be offered.

The Prevention & Wellness Open House is staged under the banner of the FUN Movement (FUN standing for Friends Understanding Nutrition).

The FUN Movement has a mission to touch one million pre-diabetics with three messages that include:

  1. You are Pre-diabetic (as most who have this condition have no idea)
  2. Pre-diabetes is reversible (based on a government study)
  3. Standard of care will wait until you are a diabetic and then manage your disease for life

Other non-profits in the community that hosts our PWOH will also be invited to support our event and join the FUN Movement. Local media groups will be contacted to help educate the community of the importance of diabetes prevention versus diabetes management, and the opportunity for people to attend a free PWOH.